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Saint Saens: Piano Concerto No.2, Piano: Arthur Rubinstein - Conducted: Andre Previn London Symphony Orchestra 1975.


Link 20 Apr Hepatitis C treatment cures over 90 percent of patients with cirrhosis»

Twelve weeks of an investigational oral therapy cured hepatitis C infection in more than 90 percent of patients with liver cirrhosis and was well tolerated by these patients, according to a new study.

Link 20 Apr Faraway moon or faint star? Possible exomoon found»

Titan, Europa, Io and Phobos are just a few members of our solar system’s pantheon of moons. Are there are other moons out there, orbiting planets beyond our sun? Researchers have spotted the first signs of an “exomoon,” and though they say it’s impossible to confirm its presence, the finding is a tantalizing first step toward locating others. The discovery was made by watching a chance encounter of objects in our galaxy, which can be witnessed only once.

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Benjamin Britten
Violin Concerto, Op 15

1 Moderato con moto - Agitato - Tempo primo -
2 Vivace - Animando - Largamente - Cadenza -
3 Passacaglia. Andante Lento

Janine Jansen, violin

Orchestre de Paris
Paavo Järvi, conductor


Link 19 Apr World ranking tracks evolutionary distinctness of birds»

The world’s first ranking of evolutionary distinct birds under threat of extinction has been published by a team of international scientists. These birds include a cave-dwelling bird that is so oily it can be used as a lamp and a bird that has claws on its wings and a stomach like a cow. The new rankings will be used in a major conservation initiative called the Edge of Existence program at the London Zoo. The zoo has already identified several species like the huge monkey-eating Philippine eagle that are at once distinct, endangered, and suffer from lack of attention.

Link 19 Apr The Politics of Ubuntu»

The Politics of Ubuntu -

Photo 19 Apr 2 notes Yucca blossoms (at Sleepy Hollow Trail)

Yucca blossoms (at Sleepy Hollow Trail)

Link 19 Apr Burnout: Time to Abandon a Very Costly Collective Delusion»

Burnout: Time to Abandon a Very Costly Collective Delusion -

Video 19 Apr 1 note

Four Sea Interludes by Benjamin Britten

1. Dawn - Lento e tranquillo
2. Sunday Morning - Allegro spiritoso
3. Moonlight - Andante comodo e rubato
4. Storm - Presto con fuoco
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Leonard Bernstein, conductor
19. VIII.1990


Link 19 Apr Uncovering a new angle on mental distance: Feeling closer leads to poor judgement of space»

Why does the second hour of a journey seem shorter than the first? Research suggests that the answer lies in how we’re physically oriented in space. Research has demonstrated that a person’s orientation — the direction they are headed — changed how they thought of an object or event. “Feeling close to or distant from something impacts our behavior and judgment,” says the lead author. “We feel more socially connected, more emotionally engaged, and more attuned to the present when something is perceived as close.”

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